Unlock the full value of your 3D building designs.

Automatically extract, calculate and visualize building feasibility data straight from Rhino 3D models. No scripting, no coding required.

Just create, upload, and explore. No need to manually calculate complex geometries, we automate that process so you can focus on creating better designs.

Building Frame

1. Create

Create massing models in Rhino 3D following Deepform modeling guidelines.

Upload content

2. Upload

Upload your massing modeling file and set up what data you want to explore.

Explore dashboard

3. Explore

Test-fit site limits, calculate floor area by levels, layers and custom groups.

Not your average 3D modeling calculator. Unlimited explorations and powerful functions to instantly improve and enrich your feasibility study.

Test-fit basic site limits

Test fit your building model to FAR, building coverage and height limits.

exploration dashboard

Area by usage, floors, groups

Explore floor area data by building usage, levels, and customized groups.

data table

Customize calculations

More control to customize floor area, FAR, BCR and building height visualization for your design.

data results table

Insights you can receive from Deepform Exploration

Test-fit basic site limits

View allowable floor area and building coverage area calculations
Get instant FAR, BCR and building height feedback on your design
Compare your design to allowable FAR, BCR and building height

Area by usage, floors, groups

Visualize floor area, building layers and groups by levels
Visualize floor area and levels by building layers
Create group labels to visualize floor areas through custom filter views

Customize calculations

Building layer view settings to customize data visuals
Visualize GFA, NFA, Rentable Area, Usable Area, Net Assignable Area data and more
Custom fit your design with right layer settings to comply with site limits.

Simple, transparent pricing

Test-fit basic site limits

Area by usage, floors, groups

Customize calculations

Deepform feasibility basic

$10 / month

14-day free trial available

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